Pension insurance system
The first two pillars of pension insurance are mandatory and contributions are paid by the employer from your salary. The third pillar is voluntary, with incentives from the state.
First pillar
The first pillar of pension insurance is mandatory and falls under the competence of the Croatian Pension Insurance Institute (HZMO). From your salary the employer calculates 15 percent of the gross amount and pays it to the State Treasury.

For persons insured only within the I pillar (persons who were older than 50 years at the time of introducing the second pillar, or persons who were younger than 50 but older than 40 at that time, and chose not to engage in the second pillar), the contribution for pension insurance is calculated from their salary in the amount of 20% of the salary.

The first pillar is based on the principle of intergenerational solidarity, and pensions of today’s pensioners are paid from this pillar. Pensions of persons insured only within the first pillar of pension insurance are defined by the Pension Insurance Act. For persons insured within the I and II pillar, basic pension is realised from the I pillar and pension based on individual capitalized savings is realised from the II pillar, i.e. their pensions are determined by the Pension Insurance Act and the Act on Compulsory and Voluntary Pension Funds.

1. Pension insurance - insurance application
Pension insurance based on generational solidarity is part of the pension insurance system in which insured persons, based on principles of reciprocity and solidarity, are entitled to rights in case of old age, reduction of working capacity, partial or complete loss of working capacity and physical impairment, and members of their family are entitled to rights in the event of death of the insured or beneficiary’s rights.
Persons insured within the pension insurance based on generational solidarity are all compulsorily insured employed persons and persons carrying out independent or professional business activities, and on the basis of that activity such persons are covered by compulsory pension insurance. These are: employed persons and persons with equal status (persons appointed to certain duties, etc.), self-employed persons (tradesmen, individual traders, lawyers, notaries, etc.), persons completing a professional training for work without establishing an employment relationship, farmers and some other groups (caretakers of Croatian disabled war veterans, parents-caretakers, members of management boards, top athletes, etc.).
In cases of reduced work capacity and physical impairment, due to injury at work or occupational disease, pupils and students are also insured during practical classes, as well as persons serving the sentence during their work and rescuers in elementary disasters.
The status of insured person is established by submitting an application for insurance. The application is submitted by the employer of the insured person, or the insured person when he or she is the payer of contributions.
The Ministry of Finance or the Tax Administration are responsible for collecting the contributions.
After the termination of compulsory pension insurance, within twelve months, it is possible to engage in the so-called Extended Insurance, which is voluntary and continues the insurance, without limitation. The extended insurance can also be realised under the EU regulations after the termination of the insurance in an EU Member State or in a State with which the agreement on social insurance was concluded.
The application for compulsory pension insurance is submitted to the regional service / local office of the Institute. As of 1 January 2014, all employers, or other mandatory applicants, with more than 3 insured persons are required to submit applications electronically.
E-applications are web applications that allow users to register/cancel the pension insurance, applications for change of status during insurance, applications for commencement/termination of business activities of the contribution payer, as well as changes in the data of the contribution payer.
As of 1 July 2013, the Croatian Pension Insurance Institute provides electronic data management on the labour and legal status of insured persons - electronic records which replaced employment booklets.
Electronic records (proving the completed years of service) can be obtained within the system of electronic services called e-citizens (by using the e-Pass credential - user name and password) and via the website or by visiting the offices of the Institute and showing identity card and personal identification number (OIB).
Qualifying periods is a collective name for periods completed in the compulsory pension insurance and extended insurance (insurance periods) and for periods spent outside insurance which are recognised as qualifying periods under certain conditions.
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